Easter Egg Hunt For Visually Impaired Children

Mount Prospect, IL, May 11, 2022 – The Mount Prospect Lions Club teamed up with retired employees from the former Teletype Telephone Pioneers of America group on Saturday, April 23. Approximately ten families gathered at the NSSEO Timber Ridge School in Arlington Heights, IL, for an Easter egg hunt for visually impaired children. Telephone Pioneers are affiliated with Teletype Corporation who were known for the research, development and manufacture of data and record communications equipment, but primarily remembered for the manufacture of electromechanical teleprinters

For over twenty years the Mount Prospect Lions Club has partnered this event with the NSSEOs Vision Program and the Telephone Pioneers. Visually impaired children and their siblings searched for beeping easter eggs using sound recognition. The large eggs mimicked bird sounds as the smaller eggs emitted sharp high pitched beeping sounds. Children who needed assistance were helped by Lions Club members as well as Molly Dunne from NSSEO and the Telephone Pioneers volunteers.  

Afterwards, children and their families enjoyed ice cream, cookies and juice boxes inside the school’s gymnasium. They also received an Easter basket full of candy and toys to take home. 

The Mount Prospect Lions Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1934 and is one of the area’s largest financial contributors to local organizations, churches and schools who help blind, hearing-impaired, disabled, and other individuals in need in Mount Prospect and surrounding communities. For more information about the Club or how you can become one of its nearly eighty members, visit www.mplions.org or via Facebook @mtprospectlions.